Why Curiosity Marketing Should Be Important To Your Brand
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Why Curiosity Marketing Should Be Important To Your Brand

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It’s amazing to me how many brands we come into contact with that are experiencing a dip in their digital ad results and can’t figure out why. When we take a look at their ads, more often than not, we find that there is one single major issue that is causing their ad results to slide. Simply put, they have decided to tell potential customers everything. Therefore there is no reason for the consumer to engage with the ad or the brand.

This happens more often than you would think. The Realtor® that is ecstatic about their new listing creates Facebook ads that not only shows all the photos of the property, but also all the details, including the exact address AND the list price. A beauty blogger might divulge all the details of a particular mascara that she is in love with, therefore losing out on the opportunity to engage with her audience and discuss it more, or perhaps even earn affiliate revenue, as the reader can simply google the product and buy it direct from the manufacturer. Or perhaps someone promoting a workout/fitness routine spends so much time on their Facebook live video talking about every detail about the program that the audience is asking all kinds of questions, but none about the actual fitness routine they are trying to promote.

Why do they do this? It’s simple. They are not curious. They have been told everything they want to know and are on to the next thing. Humans have an inherent trait that when they feel as if they aren’t getting all the information, they go out of the way to seek out the answers. It’s a basic instinct that is engrained in our brains. The key to a successful marketing campaign is tapping into this craving and capitalizing on it. With that in mind, today I wanted to show you two great examples of curiosity marketing that works.

Purposely Leave Out Details To Drive Curiosity And Therefore Engagement

One great tactic when it comes to curiosity marketing is leaving out information that you know people will notice and therefore reach out to you, to get more information.

Sample Of A Real Estate Coming Soon Ad

Take a look at this Realtor’s® coming soon listing ad for instance. While she vaguely lets viewers of the ad know what area the listing is in, she is purposely leaving out the address, list price and additional photos, without having the viewer click on the “Learn More” button to submit a Facebook lead form to get the information. Anyone looking for a home in the area is going to be interested and curiosity is going to drive them to giving up their contact information to get the property details.

Use Questions As Part Of Your Recurring Marketing Strategy

Many times brands are under the misconception that likes equate to a successful campaign. Likes are nice, but questions are king. When someone asks you a question, you have the chance to engage them, one-on-one to answer their question and strike up a conversation with them. When you do this, you are exponentially more likely to close them as a customer.

Amy Landino knows how to use questions to engage her audience

A person that has a great handle on how to ask questions and engage her audience is Amy Landino. Amy strated Sexy Savy Social and recently wrote a book, Vlog Like A Boss. She frequently wants to promote appearances, events and other things, and she uses questions and video to engage the audience. She doesn’t focus on what she wants to sell or promote. She is setting out to authentically engage her audience. And it’s working for her. She is CRUSHING it.

So those are two examples that detail how important curiosity marketing is, when it comes to any brand’s marketing plans. Have you ever done any curiosity marketing campaigns? Do you have any ideas on interesting ways you can grab the curiosity and attention of your potential clients? If so, share it in the comments below. Be sure to also smash the social sharing buttons on this article, so others can share their great ideas as well 🙂


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