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Need More Customers? Do More Marketing…

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While it can be said that the most successful businesses are those that the owners work tirelessly to make customers happy, and therefore get tons of referral business coming in their doors, the reality of things is that takes time. Most businesses that can reliably depend on consistent referral business have had spent countless hours hustling and working on this to make it happen. They’ve “paid their dues” and after relentlessly, consistently sticking with it, day in and day out, year after year, they are seeing the benefits.

If you have not had that much time in the saddle, or you have not been that consistent since you opened your company, this method of getting business will not work for you. Yes, you will of course get some referrals from your customer base, but it certainly won’t be enough to sustain and grow your business. So what are you to do if you can’t rely only on referral business, but want to get more customers? The answer is simple. Do more marketing.

First off, doing more marketing will help your bottom line. It is important to point out though, it will only help you out, if you have a methodical, thought out marketing plan to roll out in your marketplace. For these reasons, it is critical you plan your content strategy and your plan, BEFORE you get started. Secondly, you undoubtedly are going to be doing at least two to three different types of marketing projects that fall into different mediums. As a result, you also have to make sure you’ve crafted your plan such that one type of marketing naturally leads to, and leverages the next type of marketing, so you can truly have a full, 360 degree campaign.

A Great 2 Step Approach To A 360 Degree Campaign

Today I want to share with you a thumbnail sketch of a fantastic, and attainable way to put together a truly connected, 360 degree marketing campaign for your marketplace, ensuring you will get more exposure and therefore more qualified leads that turn into customers.

Step 1: Start With Facebook Digital Marketing

In previous articles, we’ve discussed using Facebook Lookalike audiences to help grow your customer base. You’ll want to do that utilize those tools, as well as the Facebook Ad Manager tool as well to build a saved audience you can target. Put together some compelling ads that feature eye catching graphics, and offers that serve two purposes:

  1. First and foremost, it has to be an item that your prospective customers are going to find very valuable
  2. You should also take into account you costs to offer this offer. If you can’t decide between one item of value or another, and the cost to you on one is lower, I would suggest going with that one. It never hurts to watch the bottom line 🙂

Another important thing to remember is that whatever ad you run, you need to make sure your Facebook pixel is activated, and that you are asking them for some type of information (e.g. name, email, mobile phone), in order to get that item of value. My favorite way to collect data is via the built in Facebook forms. These forms are great because Facebook automatically populates the fields on the forms, for the consumer, making it even easier for them to give you their information.

Step 2: Set Up Retargeting Campaigns

Lastly, using the Facebook Pixel you set up in step 1, you can launch a retargeting campaign the help cultivate the leads that have interacted with your Facebook digital marketing ads.

If you aren’t familiar with the Facebook Pixel and how it’s used for ad retargeting, here is a quick primer:

Facebook retargeting ads are super simple as well. All it requires is the Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Pixel Tracking Code
You just need to make sure your website, landing pages, etc. has this pixel installed in the <head> section of each page. Setting these campaigns up allows you to drip more content on people that engaged with your campaigns, allowing them to learn more about you, and then prompting them inquire about your business, products and services.

These two things work beautifully together. This combination of things is something we see too few businesses owners taking advantage of. Many of these business owners, coincidentally are the same ones we hear lamenting that they need more clients. Get your campaigns planned and set up correctly, and you’ll never be looking for more business.




Chris Leo

Chris Leo

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