Movou Automated Digital Real Estate Marketing Platform

The only end-to-end digital marketing lead management system in Real Estate

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Lead Generation

We generate exclusive leads FOR YOU and feed them into our turnkey lead management system

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Lead Capture

Our capture tools are tested and proven, ensuring that the leads you get are the best possible

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Lead Nurturing

All your leads, regardless of source will be put into our one of a kind behavioral lead cultivation system, ensuring every opportunity for conversion

Close More Deals

Manage all your communication and activities with your leads, using our optional, centralized, automated sales pipeline CRM system

The Highest Quality Leads At The Lowest Cost Per Lead, Period.

Compared to more traditional forms of Real Estate Marketing, such as postcards, magazine ads and shopping cart ads, we are able to target buyer and seller leads for you by using cutting edge, proven, digital social media marketing techniques. Our ads are compelling, our landing pages are proven converters, and our platform is one of the only ones in the industry to offer Realtors® marketplace exclusivity.

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Sample Facebook Lead Form Ad Campaign

You need quality leads. We've got you covered.

We get it. You are not a digital marketing expert. You are an expert at selling homes. Let our team do what it takes to fill your pipeline with quality seller and buyer leads.

We know what works best and will get you the highest quality leads, for the least cost per lead possible, allowing you to focus on what you do best, SELLING HOMES.

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Movou's Real Estate Digital Marketing Team is run by experts that have over 20 years experience working in the Real Estate Industry to help agents and brokerages achieve their goals. 

Capture And Connect ALL Your Lead Sources In Our Intelligent Behavioral Lead Nurturing System.

Besides the zip code(s) you have exclusively reserved, we realize that you are getting tons of leads on a daily basis, from all other types of online lead sources. We feel those leads are just as important as any other leads, and because of that, we've engineered our system to automatically ingest those leads, qualify them and put them on the appropriate lead nurturing journey. It does this automatically, for you, at no extra charge. How simple is that?

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capture all your lead sources

That's Not All. We Have Some Great Optional Add-On Features

Plug or one of a kind lead capture and nurturing system into a industry first, artificial intelligence driven IDX website, and a simple to use sales pipeline CRM system to close even more leads and grow your business.

The first ever aritificial intelligence Real Estate IDX Website

The First AI Enabled, Custom IDX Driven Website In The Real Estate Industry.

The most exciting advancement in Real Estate Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) Bots are catapulting the home buying and selling consumer experience in ways nobody thought possible.

Our team has designed a one of a kind bot that fundamentally changes the way homeowners will search for a home and select a Realtor®. Why search for a 2 bedroom, 3 bath house in Palo Alto? Why not search for a 2 bed, 3 bath house in Palo Alto that is walking distance to Starbucks? Our bot understands the way humans talk, and it gives them everything they want, in a single conversation.

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Easily Connect Your Leads Into Our Simple To Use CRM System To Take Your Pipeline To Eleven.

Given the massive amounts of leads our digital marketing platform will generate, not to mention all the other online lead sources, referrals and past clients you deal with, having an easy to use, automated sales pipeline tool is critical to the growth of your business. Our automated system is the easiest platform to use in the Real Estate Industry.

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The easiest CRM to manage your real estate transactions

The most effective Real Estate lead generation and nurturing tool ever.

Everything our team designs for you is customized and branded to you. Our pages are designed to be specific to your community and have been proven to maximize conversions.

local landing pages

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Grow your Real Estate business faster than you ever imagined possible.

Automate your lead follow up using our behavioral marketing system

Our customizable, automated follow up plans let you trust that things are happening in the background, with every new lead that comes in. Tasks are being triggered, texts and emails are automatically being sent, and your brand awareness is rising.

Easily Assign Leads With Movou's Easy To Use Digital Marketing Platform
behavioral digital real estate marketing

Work on a team? Use our advanced lead assignment system

Set rules to determine how all leads are distributed amongst your team, ensuring that everyone is in the game. Once you've set up our easy, set it and forget it system, your team will instantly receive notifications via text, and email, instructing them the next steps to take with a lead.

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Compare Our Turnkey Digital Services Vs. Traditional Marketing Services

Traditional Postcard Farming Campaigns

• 500 Home Farm Area Mailed To Once/Month
• Cost $420 per mailing ($0.84 ea.)
•Average # Of Leads (If using Capture Codes): 5
• Cost Per Lead: $84 per lead

_____Additional Campaign Options & Features______
•Additional Nurturing Tools: None
• Additional Lead Sources Available: None
• Area Exclusivity: None

Turnkey Digital Marketing Campaigns

• 1 Entire EXCLUSIVE Zip Code
• Cost $199 Per Month
•Average # Of Leads Per Month: 60
• Cost Per Lead: $3.32 per lead


_____Additional Included Features______
•Intelligent behavioral marketing lead nurturing system
• SMS alerts
• Text message to lead nurturing
• Customizable drip email campaigns
• Custom landing pages
• Automatic integration & nurturing of ALL online portal leads
(e.g. Zillow,, Boomtown, Trulia, etc.)
_____Additional Optional Features______
• Add Additional EXCLUSIVE Zip Codes: $199 per zip code/mo
• IDX Enabled Website w/ AI Bot: $99/mo - Learn More
• Automated Sales Pipeline CRM: Starting At $30/mo


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