Quick Tip: How To Bulk Schedule Facebook Posts, WITHOUT Using Paid Tools
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Quick Tip: How To Bulk Schedule Facebook Posts, WITHOUT Using Paid Tools

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For any small brand that is trying to bootstrap their social media and digital marketing efforts, they quickly find out that while they can do some studying and run some campaigns themselves, before they know it, they’re spending on automation tools is starting to bite into their ad spend budget. Today I want to share with you a great way you can bulk schedule your Facebook posts without having to pay a monthly fee for a bulk posting tool.

My Tool Only Costs $29 Per Month. Why Bypass That?

My honest answer to this is if your third party tool is within your budget and you are comfortable, stick with it. We use at least a half dozen third party social media tools to run our client’s digital marketing campaigns. That said though, there are arguments why you may be better off posting natively through Facebook.

Much like the theory that Google was giving better organic search rankings to domains that also had a large footprint on Youtube and/or used that content in their web content, it’s also believed by some that posting natively inside of Facebook will automatically get you better reach for that content, versus using a third party tool.

Step 1: Create A New Google Docs Spreadsheet

Create a new google docs spreadsheet

So you will create a new Google sheets document and then add columns for Date, Post, and Link.

Sample columns for a Facebook Bulk Upload Spreadsheet

As you can see, the column in the above screenshot is highlighted. That is because I entered the first date and then highlighted it and dragged it down to have it add an 8AM post on each following day. Once you are done with the first posting time, simply go to the next row and enter in the next time slot you want a post to go out, as illustrated below

A second posting time of post dates

Now you need to sort your the days and time you’ve put together, to put them in order, so you can plan your daily posts. This is simple. Just click on the “Data” tab and choose “Sort by column A, A-Z”.

Sort your bulk facebook posting times

Step 2: Populate Your Post & Link Data

This is pretty self explanatory. Take all your post and link data, and simply populate your spreadsheet. It will basically be like this.

Here is what your bulk facebook upload spreadsheet looks like once you've filled it in

Step 3: Copy And Paste Your Schedule To Your Facebook Business Page

Now you need to open up your Facebook Business page and paste your schedule into it. The way you do this is by going to your page and clicking on “Publishing” tools and then the “Create” button.

Click "Create" In Publishing Tools of your facebook page

Next you will go back to your spreadsheet and highlight and copy the post and link field in your spreadsheet and copy them.

Highlight the post you want to upload

Next, all you have to do is click the arrow next to the blue button, to schedule the date and time of the post.

schedule your post for a later date

That’s it. It’s that simple 🙂

So for those of you that are tired of using 3rd party tools, or perhaps are looking to save a little money, this is a pretty good option.



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Chris Leo

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