3 Reasons You CANNOT Ignore Content Marketing As Part Of Your Business Growth Plans
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3 Reasons You CANNOT Ignore Content Marketing As Part Of Your Business Growth Plans

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One thing that nobody will ever argue with, when it comes to marketing your business and the different types marketing projects business owners can  can undertake, is the fact that any type of content marketing strategy worth it’s weight is going to take time. Of course whether it takes time on the part of the business owner, or time on the part of a marketing agency they hire to create the content is up for debate and decision. Many times though, before I can even get into a conversation with a business owner about a content marketing strategy and how or why they should employ one as part of their overall marketing plans, the conversation becomes a non-starter.

It becomes a non-starter in most cases because the business owner doesn’t adequately understand the power of a strong content marketing strategy. Content is king when it comes to the Internet. If you have a strong content position, you’ll have a strong Internet presence. If you have a strong Internet presence, you have lots of your ideal potential clients finding you through organic search, contacting you to find out if you can help them with their need.

Not having an understanding of why this content marketing strategy is so important, it is understandable why this conversation is generally a non-starter. To the business owner, it is something that is time intensive, and/or expensive. Time and money are two things small to mid-size business owners never have enough of, so when offered a solution that requires both, and they aren’t clear on the benefits, it is only logical that they will push back.

For those of you that have been presented with the opportunity of shoring up your content marketing strategy, and just couldn’t see that the costs and time involved penciled out, today I want to share with you three fantastic reasons that you have to have a strong Content Marketing strategy as part of your businesses overall marketing plan.

Content Is The Best Path To Web Search Results

One of the most common reasons we get when a business owner contacts us about doing a website for them is that they want us to do a new website for them because their last website wasn’t getting enough web traffic. The common belief among these people is that they didn’t get the web traffic because the SEO in the website was not set up correctly. The truth though is that while there may have SEO issues on their site, this is not the reason that they are not getting web traffic. The main reason they aren’t getting traffic is because their site is stale and lacks content.

It is a known fact that if you frequently post relevant content that is geared towards people you want to do business with, your site will start showing up in search results when a prospective customer takes to the Internet and starts doing Google search for whatever the product or service it is you offer. The more frequently you post, and the more long tail keywords you naturally place inside your articles, the more visible you are going to be to prospective clients.

People Want To Work With The Thought Leader In The Industry

People want to feel good about who they are doing business with. It’s not always just dollars and cents. It’s also an emotional investment. Because of this, consumers want to hire the person they feel is the best qualified, aligned with their beliefs and will get them the highest level of product or service possible. Content Marketing allows you to set the framework for this.

The more relevant and useful content you provide potential customers in your marketplace, the more you are going to establish yourself in their minds as the though leader in your industry. People naturally gravitate towards thought leaders. Once you’ve attained this milestone in their minds, they are naturally going to look to you for your advice and products and services, as they need them.

Why Target “Any Potential Client”, When You Can Target Your “Ideal Potential Client”?

Even though things like Google Adwords take way less energy to create a campaign out of (you just choose your words and pay for it), they really are not a great way to attract potential clients. Things like Adwords attract every Tom, Dick and Harry to look into you and your services. The thing of it is though that you don’t want to attract any old person. You want to attract those that you deem as your ideal clients. These are the people that you not only most want to have as customers, but also the people that are going to be most likely to want to do business with you.

Content marketing allows you to flex your expertise, and also give potential customers a really good idea of who you are, what you’re all about and how great of service and/or products they can expect to get from you. You literally are able to craft your message, making sure you only get the very best prospects possible.

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Chris Leo

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