3 Real Estate Facebook Ads That Generate Leads
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3 Real Estate Facebook Ads That Generate Leads

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So in my last article, I wrote about the ways you should (and should not) run your Real Estate Facebook Ads, if you not only want to gain traction in your marketplace, but also generate qualified leads. After that article, I realized that I focused more on the “why to do things a certain way” and not the “how to do things a certain way”, so today, I thought I would just write a short, sweet article that pinpoints three of our most popular ads we run for our clients, why they are attractive, and how they work for our clients.

Without further ado, let’s just get into it:



Regardless of how many Realtors® say to you, “Automated home valuation ads are inaccurate, or super saturated in (Fill in the blank) market”, let me tell you one thing, as a psychology degree holding, college graduate. One thing I can guarantee you is that humans are proud of their homes and always want to know what their home is worth. This is never more the case than when they are considering selling their home.

So the issue becomes, what do you do? Do you trust your colleague, or do you throw caution to the wind and strike out on your own? I say neither. Honestly, all you need to do is look at the numbers. One thing for instance that my agency does with Realtors®, time and time again is show them the analytics. You cannot deny statistics.

For instance, we have many clients we are running Facebook ad campaigns for that revolve around one or another ads that lead the interested user to an Instant Home Valuation Page. Run the correct way, we can literally show any agent, in any marketplace how they can get upwards of 100 leads per month on these ads.

Does this work for every automated home valuation page out there? Of course it does not. Every page has a different set up and a different numbers of barriers of entry, before the homeowner can get the one thing they were promised.

While I happen to think the combination of our page being “battle tested”, and our willingness to offer up analytics, in a “free and clear” setting to would-be clients, sets us apart from the crowd, of course I know there are other options out there. The take home message at the end of the day though is work with somebody that is willing to be as transparent with you as possible. That speaks volumes to the success you are going to have with the product.

So as you can see from this example, the ad has compelling imagery that will attract the user, a compelling call to action, and then when clicked on, will take the user to a very easy to fill out landing page, where they can fill in their information and be given the item of value, instantly (NOTE: If you want, click on the image it will take you to the live ad, where you can test it out for yourself).



This one is an interesting one. When we are planning campaigns for our clients, we regularly tell them to mix in client reviews into their marketing content. These end up being some of the highest responded to postcards. After all, you can speak highly of yourself all day long. The minute though that someone else says something nice about you, that lends a whole different level of credibility to the situation.

When it comes to testimonials, Realtors® are generally horrible at staying on top of their clients to give them a personal review. For better or worse, Zillow is one of the main benchmarks when it comes to agent reviews, as your past clients will just find it and give you a review, even if you forget to ask for it. Additionally, it is a heavily visited website, so it makes the most sense. As a result, we’ve learned the easiest way to run ads on Facebook reviews is to link the ad to the Realtor’s® Zillow reviews page and then also link the photo to a “contact me” page that the interested potential client can easily fill out , to get more information or schedule an appointment to meet with the agent.

As you can see in this ad, it’s clear how many great reviews the Realtor® has received, and how they can easily see the rest of the agent reviews. By simply clicking on the photo, they can also get in touch with the agent, easily, which is very, very important (AGAIN, click on the ad, if you want to test it out and see how it works)

The take home message for these ads is success breeds more success. There is no reason you shouldn’t be proud of your success and want to share it with the world. It can only help you in the long run.



Another fantastic type of ad we run, non-stop for our clients are the “coming soon”, or “just listed” ads. These ads are targeted geographically to the listing’s area. The idea behind them is to possibly pinpoint interested buyers, which will want to buy that listing (which actually happens more frequently than you would imagine, allowing the Realtor® to double end the deal), or more importantly, show homeowners in the same area that are considering selling their home in the near future, what a great job you do preparing listings for you clients, driving them to call you for a listing appointment, when they are ready to put their home on the market.

As you can see in the attached ad, it does not give away location, price point, or even specific details about the property. The idea behind these ads is to just pinpoint the people that are interested.

If it happens to be a buyer, but the home ends up being too expensive, or is too large, or any other reason the buyer may not like it, that is not important. You now have a qualified lead running through your follow up system. You can follow up personally with that lead, figure out what they are looking for, and more often than not, put them in the exact home that is the home of their dreams.

If it happens to be a potential seller that is just “checking you out”, in this case, it doesn’t so much matter what the ad says, but it is important in the sense that they will realize, you aren’t just broadcasting everything out there to the masses, no matter what, but instead exercising a specific, targeted campaign to get the best quality of leads possible, for the listing.

So there you have it. Those are just three simple examples of Facebook ads we run for our clients, but you can see how powerful they are and how they can elicit literally hundreds of responses per month.

Setting the ads up can be fairly easy, however the landing pages and notification systems behind them are somewhat more complicated. While some of you can clearly do this yourself, our general suggestion is to contract with a firm, such as ours, that you feel comfortable with, and you feel can do the job.

At the end of the day, you need results. Let someone else focus on the details, and you focus on the lead cultivation. The rest will fall into place. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact us anytime 🙂

Chris Leo

Chris Leo

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